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Meet Renee V. Bruch
Creative Director/Owner

I grew up in a small town in central New Jersey on a horse farm and have been riding horses since I was 3. I was always taught the value of a dollar and that you had to work for what you want. My work ethic has stemmed from my upbringing and I continue to live by those values. 

I moved to Colorado in 1997 and obtained Bachelors degree in Fine Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design, and a minor in Native American Art History, from Colorado State University (CSU) in 1999. 

After I graduated college, I lived in Steamboat Springs, the Great Smoky Mountains and Glenwood Springs before meeting my now husband, Travis, in 2005 when I moved to Rifle, Colorado.We were married in 2009 and that year, during a recession, I started my first design and sign company called Graphix Done Right. It grew fast and I had 52 clients in a small town, with little industry, in less than 3 years. I loved working with business owners directly, forming relationships, networking and being a business owner. It was a great experience to take all of my knowledge of marketing and advertising and watch my own business grow. 

My husband, Travis, works for the government which required us to relocate to Jackson, WY in 2012. It was an exciting opportunity for him to grow in his position and for us to live in a beautiful location. During that time, I kept a fair amount of clients from Rifle, gained a few in Jackson, but I knew the move was temporary and didn't want to push my business there. I accepted a job working as the Art Director for Teton Signs, a sign shop in Jackson. I gained a lot of experience in the industry. I worked for a gentleman that had a background in construction and we made a great team. I learned a lot from him about construction, installing signs and building signs with non traditional sign materials.  


We knew we wanted to move back to Colorado and we wanted to move to Durango. With a government career, that's not always as easy done as said. After years of trying Travis was offered a job in Durango. We were both ecstatic since Durango was the  location in Colorado that we had dreamed about living and retiring in. 

When we moved to Durango, I knew I wanted to own a business again. I am passionate about what I do and eager to continue to do it. I am precise, timely, efficient and try to keep prices as affordable as possible. Most of all, I care about you, your business and delivering a quality product. Give me a call and give me a chance to show you how I can improve your companies image today!

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